A staff of SM’s A&R is dismissed for registering his wife as lyricist for songs of BoA, EXO,…

A former head of SM’s A&R unit secretly registered his wife as a lyricist for a total of 15 songs of bao, EXO, Baekhyun, CBX. 

According to Daily News, an A&R director of SM ‘A’ had secretly added his wife’s name as a lyricist for the artists’ songs without going through the company.  A added his wife’s name to a total of 15 songs including songs by EXO, BoA, Baekhyun, and sub-unit EXO-CBX.  Currently, SM has dismissed A’s position after an investigation.

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A&R (Artist & Repertoire) is the division that is in charge of finding, signing contracts to foster and develop artists; Produces works of music that are suitable for the artist.  In fact, A is not only in charge of the aforementioned work but also broadly responsible for all aspects of recording, planning, production, and marketing.

A part of A&R’s responsibility is to oversee the production of the song. Therefore, they will sometimes collect and select lyrics from the lyricists and compile the credits.  However, A has abused power and embezzled royalties that are not his own.

Moreover, A let his wife take turns using 3 fake names on the shared registration code on the Korea Music Copyright Association.  Recently, SM Entertainment discovered this incident and decided to issue a strict internal punishment.

All 15 of these songs were written by a famous lyricist who has a close friendship with the couple.  The public is suspecting that A has colluded with this writer.

Source: Daily News, K Crush

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