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Kang Ki Young reveals newlywed house “Mother-in-law = gallery director, I’m happier that my wife is the only daughter”

Kang Ki Young mentioned his newlywed house on “You Quiz on the Block”.

On July 12th, tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” unveiled a pre-released video for Kang Ki Young’s episode.

Kang Ki Young, who played many minor roles in the past, confessed that he had affection for every role, “They were roles called by numbers, but I still wanted to play them with affection. I told myself ‘Since you’re ‘friend 1 (chingu il)’, I’ll call you ‘Gu Il”, ‘Since you’re ’employee 1 (hwesawon il)’, I’ll call you ‘Won Il”. I felt like they were given a presence.

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Yoo Jae Suk, who became close to Kang Ki Young through SBS’ entertainment program “Village Survival, the Eight”, mentioned Kang Ki Young’s newlywed house, “I hosted Ki Young’s wedding. I was surprised. Is this the house where your mother-in-law lives?” Kang Ki Young replied, “My mother-in-law lives there, and I move in.” Jo Se Ho admired, “It’s originally operated as a gallery, right? I wanted to see and live in that house, too. It was so pretty.”

As Yoo Jae Suk said “It’s like a house where a drama is filmed“, Kang Ki Young is living in a luxurious mansion that is also operated as a gallery. Kang Ki Young held his wedding there.

kang ki young

Jo Se Ho explained, “I wondered how the house could be that grand. It turns out that it’s originally a gallery.” Kang Ki Young added, “My mother-in-law works for that gallery. She’s the director. I even held my wedding there.”

Jo Se Ho asked, “You must have dated your wife without knowing that her mother is the gallery’s director. After knowing it, did you feel happier?” Kang Ki Young shared, “I’m glad that my mother-in-law is the gallery’s director. My wife is the only daughter. I think I was a little happier.

Hearing this, Yoo Jae Suk caused laughter by exposing, “I met his wife at the wedding hall. (Kang Ki Young) felt intimidated.

Source: Nate

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