Kang Dong-won Caught Unexpectedly, Why is He Here?

Jung Yong-jin, Vice Chairman of Shinsegae, Unexpectedly Reveals Kang Dong-won’s Recent Status, Attracts Attention

On the 16th, Vice Chairman Jung posted a photo with the caption, “Received an autograph from GDW (Kang Dong-won).” The released photo captured Vice Chairman Jung’s two children receiving an autograph from Kang Dong-won, who was seated at what appeared to be a restaurant.

Kang Dong won

In the photo, Kang Dong-won was seen wearing a beanie and a checked shirt, dressed casually. He was smiling as he signed autographs for the children. Netizens responded enthusiastically, saying, “Kang Dong-won can’t resist it” and “As expected, GDW is GDW.”

After leaving YG Entertainment and embarking on a solo path, Kang Dong-won has recently been caught up in dating rumors with Blackpink member Rosé. While Rosé’s agency, YG, denied the dating rumors, Kang Dong-won’s side has remained silent.

Meanwhile, Kang Dong-won, who has upcoming movie releases such as “Spirit possession” and “Accidental,” will be appearing in the Netflix original film “Jeon, Ran,” produced by director Park Chan-wook.

Source: nate

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