K-pop Comeback: Lucas’s April Solo Debut, BAE173’s Comeback & Chungha’s Single “Eenie Meenie”

Not only groups but solo singers are also gearing up for their debuts and comebacks later this month and early April

Lucas’s solo debut in April

According to SM Entertainment on March 11th, former NCT member Lucas will release his first single “Renegade” on April 1st and hold an event to celebrate his solo debut.


The single consists of three songs, including the title track of the same name “Renegade”. This is a rock-based hip-hop song that expresses Lucas’s ambition to walk his way without hesitation through changes and a stronger inner motivation to find a better direction.

Lucas suspended his activities in 2021 after the controversy over his unpleasant private life broke out. He also withdrew from NCT and NCT’s Chinese unit Way V in May last year.

BAE173’s new song “Fifty-Fifty”

Pocketdol Studio announced that BAE173 would release their 5th mini album “NEW CHAPTER: LUCEAT” on March 13th. This new mini album features three songs, including the title “Fifty-Fifty”, and two b-side tracks “CRIMSON” and “You”.


“Fifty-Fifty” is a song that delivers a message of exploring human duality through all moments of choice with a rate of 50:50, including seeing another self in the mirror, black and white, reality and dream, etc. Members J-Min and Doha participated in writing and composing all the songs in this album

Chungha’s new album “Eenie Meenie”

According to Chungha’s agency More Vision, the female singer will release her new single “Eenie Meenie” at 6 p.m. on March 11th.

chungha-ateez hongjong

With a heavy repetitive contrabass rhythm and unpredictable song development, “Eenie Meenie” contains the message of accepting the moment of choices as joy without worrying about people’s gazes and the results. ATEEZ’s Hong-joong features in the song.

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