K-netizens Re-examine Kim Chae-won’s IZ*ONE Debut Manipulation 

Netizens suddenly brought up the debut ranking manipulation of “Produce 48”

A netizen on Nate Pann recently made a post titled “Do you know that Kim Chae-won and Jo Yu-ri made their debut through manipulation?”.

The netizen quoted another post criticizing Kim Chae-won, saying the female idol is enjoying her successful idol life thanks to her manipulated debut ranking during “Produce 48”. They pointed out that Kim Chae-won never made it to the debut lineup through the missions and had little footage but got the chance to debut in IZ*ONE with manipulation.

In response to the post, other netizens commented:

– To be honest, it’s true in the case of Kim Chae-won. But why are some people mentioning Jo Yu-ri and Ahn Yu-jin? Ahn Yu-jin had already been qualified for a debut slot from the beginning. You guys didn’t watch ‘Produce’, right?

– Ahn Yu-jin was mentioned because her rank kept falling from No.10 to No.14, but entered the debut lineup in the last elimination, and Starship also appeared in the list of agencies related to the manipulation?

– Looking at ‘Produce 48’ votes in online communities, Kang Hye-won, Hitomi, Ahn Yu-jin, and Kwon Eun-bi were strong candidates and they are always favored by netizens

kim chae won

– The content of the quoted text has nothing to do with Jo Yu-ri, but why are you putting her name in the title? Pann girls are so obsessed with Jo Yu-ri

– Ahn Yu-jin? Ahn Yu-jin was always in the debut lineup and failed to enter the debut lineup only once when she did not have the benefit. 

Source: Nate Pann

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