Famous blogger apologizes and asks for forgiveness after spreading “bride picking” rumor about EXO’s Lay

The blogger who fabricated rumors about EXO’s Lay has spoken up. 

Recently, blogger Xu Feng Li caused a stir with a post on Weibo “exposing” a male celebrity surnamed Z for acting innocent on the outside, but actually has a shocking past of “bride picking”. Immediately, Chinese netizens suspected the male star in question was EXO’s Lay (Zhang Yixing). Shortly after this rumor surfaced, Lay’s name entered the top of Weibo’s hot search.

exo lay

Not standing still, Lay’s studio was extremely quick to issue a response and directly call out the blogger:

“If we had to count the times we got hit by false rumors in 2021, we could turn it into an annual report summarizing this year’s biggest events, let alone 9 years time since our debut. We have been dealing with these fabricated rumors every year for the last 9 years. Every time we want to concentrate on our job, we end up getting involved in all kinds of dirty acts.

We saw your post about “bride picking”, Xu Leng Fi. You have until 10 a.m. tomorrow morning to provide evidence, otherwise, for the rest of your life, look forward to paying for the damages you cause while writing your book. Law is the ultimate boundary of morality. It is our mistake to believe you have any morality at all.”

Xu Feng Li apologizes EXO’s Lay

Netizens expected this to be a start of an intense “drama”, but it did not take long for blogger Xu Leng Fi to apologize:

“First of all, I sincerely apologize to Zhang Yixing. Yesterday, I talked to my friends about a few conflicts in the past with Zhang Yixing’s team from around 2015. While I was not in my right mind, I posted unverified information to Weibo.

If I have offended Zhang Yi Xing, I hope to be forgiven. In the future, I will be strict with myself and contribute good deeds to society.”

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