K-netizens Discuss Whether IVE’s Songs Have Become Cheaper And More Out-dated

K-netizen have mixed reactions regarding this topic

On December 4, a post was made on the popular Korean forum Nate Pann with the title “I think the IVE’s concept is getting cheaper.”


In this post, a Korean netizen, claiming to be a non-fan, list out the reasons why they think IVE’s songs are becoming out-dated.


First, this netizen complemented on the high outfit quality, the luxurious love-myself concept and the mature lyrics of IVE’s “Eleven” and “Love Dive.” However, according to the netizen, the lyrics of “Kitsch,” “Either Way,” “Baddie,” and other songs have suddenly become too childish, saying it was a failed attempt of Starship to add more elements that the younger generation would like. They stressed that the recent concepts kept remind them that IVE was from a small/medium-sized company, hence the out-dated style. However, “After Like” was an exception, as the netizen believed the old-fashioned concept fit the song’s disco style as a remake.

Original post: Pann nate

Upon seeing this post, many Internet users have showed mixed reactions in the comment section, saying:

“There is already a prejudice in your head that small and medium-sized companies are tacky. There are a lot of tacky lyrics in the songs of big companies as well, but you don’t think it’s tacky because the company is just big. And the lyrics of “Either Way” you mentioned were written by Sunwoo Jungah, so fans don’t have any problems with it lol.”

“I respect the likes and dislikes of IVE as it’s personal taste, but I think it’s funny when I look at it now. Whether their concept is really cheap or not, these kinds of “cheap concept” posts have been posted so many times since their debut.”

” It’s because it’s “i” and “e”, so it’s okay. Let’s just do a V.” I was shocked when I heard this lyrics at first”

“What about the public who likes these “cheap concepts” then?”

“No, I find it funny when people say “they look cheap” lol. Will you become a “chaebol gold spoon” if saying these? LOL. The reality is that you’re a job seeker who live in a box-room or rent a house.”

“You’re cheaper”

“I agree with all the contents of the post, but on the other hand, I think that’s the best they can do. Small and medium-sized companies are just small and medium-sized.”

“The triple title thing is a bit too much. They should just do what they are doing instead of following other groups.”

“There are a lot of DIVEs that can’t admit this. Objectively, it’s true that they have a lot of cheap concepts.”

“It’s just this album. “I AM” was better than “Love Dive”

“Please start with singing practice first”

As of December 5, the original post has been viewed appropriately 85,500 times. What is your opinion?

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