K-netizens Discuss Over-edited Photos of aespa’s Karina 

Fansite photos of aespa’s Karina have been drawing attention for being “over-edited”

On November 22, a topic titled “Karina’s Fansite’s editing skills are amazing” was published on the Korean forum Pann Nate, attracting over 80,000 views.

aespa karina

In this topic, the original poster included various fansite photos of aespa’s Karina, and put them beside the original unedited ones, showing stark differences between Karina’s appearance in normal photos and in those published by one particular fansite of hers. 

It can be clearly seen that while Karina looks pretty regardless of edited photos or not, the fansite photos make her look like an AI with unreal smooth and fair skin, 

As a result, most netizens criticize the “over-editing”, and while there are some haters who targeted Karina, they are completely overshadowed by those agreeing that the female idol looks even prettier in real life than in the edited photos. 

Original post: Pann Nate, Koreaboo

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Even without the edit, Karina’s facial features are stronger and prettier than you, who probably post fake selfies on Instagram
  • I’m really sorry, but Karina looks good even in the “ugly pictures” you posted
  • I know Karina’s pretty in real life, but why does the fansite edit her to look like that …
  • Sometimes women are women’s worst enemies
  • If you watch Karina in music shows and other things, you will know that she actually looks as pretty as the edited photos…
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