These two are related? Turns out these celebrities are relatives

Hong Seok-cheon and NCT Taeyong, Gong Yoo and Kang Dong-won,… These celebrities are relatives.

How often do you run into your relatives at work? However, in the entertainment industry, there might be something called the celebrity DNA as there are many stars who are blood-related to each other.

Today, let’s take a look at stars who are relatives in the entertainment industry that you might not know about.

Park Won-sook – Park So-dam

Park So-dam has become a rising star, making headlines from “Black Priests” to “Parasite.” Through “Special Cargo” which was released this year, she also showed a transformation in action acting. She has a relative in the entertainment industry who is like her godmother.

park so dam

That’s senior actor Park Won-sook. Park So-dam is the granddaughter of Park Won-sook’s 2nd cousin.

Park Won-sook is a senior actor who debuted through the 2nd public audition of MBC after failing the 1st audition due to pregnancy. Recently, “Park Won-sook’s Let’s Live Together” opened a new door for middle-aged entertainers.

Hong Seok-cheon – NCT Taeyong

Hong Seok-cheon and NCT Taeyong are also distant relatives. Taeyong is the cousin of Hong Cheokcheon’s cousin’s son. 

However, Hong Seok-cheon said that he had not seen Taeyong for a long time even after his debut because they are not close relatives enough see each other in person during family meetings.

Hong Seok-cheon said, “Let’s meet without caring about what SM thinks.” In the end, they soon met and talked about family stories, future dreams, and so on.

Paul Kim – Cho Kyu-chan

Paul Kim, a singer who has emerged as a strong digital monster with many hit songs such as “Coffee With Me.” Paul Kim is a cousin of Hae-yi and So-yi sisters.

Therefore, naturally, he become a cousin brother-in-law with Jo Kyu-chan, who married Hae-yi. It’s like Paul Kim joined the singer family of Cho Kyu-chan, Hae-yi, and So-yi.

Hwanhee – Lee Jang-woo

There is a cousin who raised his dream of becoming a celebrity after watching Hwanhee, the singer who led the heyday of R&B in the debut music industry with “Fly to the Sky.”

Actor Lee Jang-woo, who is famous for his “Powder Cooking.” Lee Jang-woo’s aunt is Hwanhee’s mother.

The two have even made headlines after sharing their warm atmosphere as cousins.

Kang Dong-won – Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo and Kang Dong Won are the representative visual of actors in Korea. They have a unique relationship, where they are each other’s in-laws.

Kang Dong-won - Gong Yoo

It is said that neither of them knew about this until 2004. One day, while talking to his father on the phone, Kang Dong-won hears that his grandfather’s best friend has the last name Gong.

Kang Dong-won - Gong Yoo

That grandfather’s grandson is Gong Yoo-cheol. The two grandfathers, who were so close, had their daughter and son, who are Gong Yoo and Kang Dong-won’s aunt and uncle, marry each other and became in-laws.

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