K-netizens Discuss Female Idols With Innocent Visuals

Netizens recalled the trend of female idols with innocent beauty

A netizen on Nate Pann shared several gifs and named Suzy, Oh My Girl’s Arin, and LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha as their favorite idols with innocent visuals. 

They commented, “I made this post because I’m upset that people think their faces are not trendy as the trend of idols with innocent visuals has already passed. These three female idols are mentioned the most when it comes to innocent visuals. There are so many other idols like them and I hope the innocent trend comes back”.

Original post: Nate Pann

In response, other netizens commented:

– For Koreans, innocent visual is the classic beauty, not a trend

– Even though it’s not the recent trend, faces with innocent vibe are still popular, right?

– The three all look innocent, but I find it amazing that I can divide them into sophisticated innocence, cute innocence, and elegant innocenceㅋㅋ

– Isn’t this the kind of face that Korean people love?

– First love vibe. The girls we loved back then

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