K-netizens comment on “aespa’s achievements this year”

A netizen summarized aespa’s achievements this year.


– One of the 4 teams that won first place on Melon Daily

– Their peak exceeded 450,000

– 4 songs on the monthly chart (out of 6 songs)



– 1st place with 1.69 million copies in the first week

– 6th place on Billboard 200

– No.1 in terms of album sales in China among Kpop artists



– Japan arena tour sold out, including Tokyo Dome two days sold out

– Tour including a 20,000-seat venue in the US (not all seats were filled)

– Asia tour sold out

– Korea concert sold out

– Biggest fan meeting of the 4th generation

– Europe tour

The Pann article regarding this became a hot topic with nearly 10,000 views as of the afternoon of August 5th. Below are some comments from Korean netizens.

Original post: Pann

– If they really do well, there’s no need to explain that thoroughly.

– The tickets aren’t sold out.

– There are less than 10,000 seats opened in the US arena.

– 1st week album sales No.1 is actually BLACKPINK.

aespa isn’t even the 4th generation’s top group.

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