JYP: “I Only Wrote 2 of TWICE’s Hits” – Quit writing songs to focus on building the system

“We will move to the new building in two weeks. We will use it as an opportunity to take a leap forward, not just to change the venue. It’s named ‘ JYP 2.0 ‘.” he revealed.

According to JYP, with the theme “COMPANY IN COMPANY”, work has become faster and more efficient. So the decision was to build four smaller companies within one company. From now on, JYP Entertainment will be a company with four labels combined together.

The second theme that JYP used, “GLOBALIZATION BY LOCALIZATION”, describes K-pop’s prospects of globalization through localization. JYP’s first project is a Chinese male idol group with 6 members’ average age is around 13. “We are also preparing a girl group consisting of all Japanese members. It can be seen as “TWICE” but a Japanese version.”

The third theme, “MUSIC FACTORY” implied “more contents are produced while the creation speeds will increase”, said Park Jin-young, explaining JYP’s new headquarters.

The final theme, “CREATIVITY FROM HAPPINESS” emphasized the company’s efforts to balance the JYP’s members’ work and life. “We are prepared to work more to meet the government’s standards while establishing an efficient system so that employees can work less than 52 hours a week.

In addition, for a healthy lifestyle, the top floor of the new building is equipped with organic restaurants, and organic cafes are on the first floor. It will also have mental care service with professional psychological counselors.

Apparently, this is our vision of JYP for the next 20 years. “Let’s make a better future together” said Park Jin-young.

Sources: Naver

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