RIIZE Named New House Ambassador for Louis Vuitton Just 3 Months After Debut

RIIZE has been appointed as the next ambassador for French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton

RIIZE, SM rookie boy group that debuted on September 4, 2023, combines the meanings of ‘Rise’ and ‘Realize’ in their name, symbolizing a team growing together to achieve dreams. RIIZE’s unique style, individual identities, and emotional pop music have garnered global attention since debut.

RIIZE sold over a million copies of their debut single album ‘Get A Guitar’ within a week of release in September, achieving notable success on global music charts.

Known for their confident and trendsetting style, RIIZE has quickly captured attention in the fashion world. Their collaboration with Louis Vuitton anticipates exciting new adventures.


Louis Vuitton welcomes RIIZE as a creative force, set to embark on a journey together as the brand’s new ambassador.

In a similar trajectory, SM’s girl group aespa was also selected as a high-end brand ambassador only 3 months into their debut. In February 2021, aespa was named the newest brand ambassador of French luxury fashion house Givenchy.

Source: Louis Vuitton

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