JYP gives response after police dismiss lawsuit against alleged victim of ITZY Lia

JYP previously sued a netizen for defamation and spreading false information about ITZY Lia. However, the police suddenly came to the conclusion that this person was completely innocent.

In February last year, a netizen (temporarily called A) accused Lia (ITZY) of committing acts of school violence such as unpaid loans, verbal insults, bullying other classmates, etc.

After that, JYP Entertainment vehemently denied this information.  At the same time, the company also announced to sue the writer for defamation and spreading false information about the main vocalist of ITZY.  Thereby, fans and the public believed that Lia really never bullied her classmates. 

However, on June 13, Incheon Yeonsu Police Station suddenly concluded that A was completely innocent.  After investigating A, the police said that A’s post only recreated what she had to go through in the past, and they did not have enough clear evidence that what she wrote was fictitious.

Right after that, JYP gave an official response to the incident. The official statement is as follows:

 “We have heard about the results through the news and are trying to figure out the progress.
However, it is difficult to accept the results as they are. 
We will decide how to respond when the process is clearer.

Source: Newsen

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