JYP announced its upcoming girl group’s name “NMIXX”, ensured a debut in the near future

The name of the new girl group, which JYP Entertainment will ambitiously introduce in February, has been revealed to be “NMIXX.” 

On Jan 26th, JYP officially announced the group name and logo through the video titled “[NMIXX] NICE TO MIXX YOU” on its official SNS channels.

The video welcomes K-pop fans around the world by adding the word “MIXX” from its name “NMIXX” to the sentence “Nice to meet you,” expressing the excitement of the group’s first meeting with the public. “NMIXX” is a combination of the letter “N” meaning now, new, next, and the variant n, and the word “MIX” symbolizing diversity, meaning “the best combination to take responsibility of the new era.” The group is expected to create a new wave in the music industry by combining various charms like colorful droplets of water that cannot be specified as one, like the video’s concept.


JYP, which has continued its success as the girl group master from Wonder Girls, Miss A, TWICE, to ITZY, will debut a new 7-member girl group “NMIXX” in three years since ITZY, consisting of Jinny, Jiwoo, Kyujin, Sullyoon, Bae, Haewon, and Lily. They have been appearing in a total of 14 pre-promotions videos for about four months from August to November last year, drawing attention with their overflowing talent and potential shown through the unique content “QUALIFYING“. In particular, all seven of them are not limited to specific positions, signaling the birth of a “7-7-7 All Ace” team consisting of seven vocals, seven dancers, and seven visual members, heating up K-pop fans’s expectations all around the world.

Blind Package

The 4th artist management division, which was newly established only for “NMIXX,” will also begin sailing in earnest under the name of “SQU4D.” The division drew attention as a dream team led by Lee Ji-young, the first female in-house director since the establishment of JYP, and staff members with abundant know-how. They had already received global attention after launching the unconventional and fresh debut project “JYPn.” In July 2021, the debut album “Blind Package,” which was put up for sale without disclosing any information of the new group, recorded 61,667 pre-orders, and the official YouTube channel of “JYPn” has surpassed 22.4 million views within about five months of its opening, boasting an online buzz.


Meanwhile, details related to 2022’s upcoming best rising star “NMIXX” and their debut project will be released sequentially on the official SNS channels which have been refurbished from “JYPN” to “NMIXX.”

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