“Angels are real”, Kpop idols adopting poor kids at very young age

Many popular Korean artists has showed their responsibilities and kind hearts towards unlucky children in this world.

If fans in all over the world praise Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie because this couple has adopted many poor children across the world, then in Korea, there are also many artists who have adopted sons and daughters. Not only sharing the financial support, these Korean celebrities have become the motivations for the kids, and conversely the kids become the artist’s happiness and cheerfulness.

Kim Sung Ryung

“Kim Tan’s mother” Kim Sung Ryung has a special relationship with Vietnamese fans. Even though she is the mother of two kids, Kim Sung Ryung still sponsored for a Vietnamese adopted daughter, who is called Thom and lived in Nam Dinh, Vietnam. Kim Sung Ryung did this because she wanted to “give this child a dream” and then the female artist became Thom’s second family.
In October 2015, Kim Sung Ryung visited Yen Tho, Nam Dinh Province within the Plan Korea program. At this time, she came and met Thom, the one that she adopted as a daughter and has sponsored for during the last 10 years. The kind heart of this former Miss Korea has inspired many people to give their hands to unfortunate people.


It is known that Yoona used to came to Peru – a country that lies in the other side of the world – as a volunteer just to play and share happiness with unfortunate kids. Furthermore, at the age of 18, she also secretly adopted an African kid and she has always given financial support for this child. All these respectable things done by Yoona have never been exposed in the media or newspapers. That’s why once knowing her stories, people are deeply touched and they can clearly feel Yoona’s sincerity when she has done all warm-hearted things without showing off anything.
After interviewed by SBS, Yoona admitted that she felt sympathetic towards the child. Therefore, she took care of him and send money for him every month. Yoona said that just by looking at the boy going to school with his friends, she felt satisfied and happy. It was not until Berta shared about the story did Yoona’s fans knew about this fact. Yoona really did all the things with her sincere heart, making all other people admire her benevolent heart.

Kang Seung Yoon (WINNER)

WINNER’s leader – Kang Seung Yoon has also sponsored for three African kids since he was at a really young age. He desired to help and enable these unlucky children to have a better life. Each month, Seung Yoon sends money to his 3 sons in Africa.
All these actions have been made by Kang Seung Yoon in secret and silent. He has never thought about using these actions to raise his popularity and he has done all of them with his sincere heart. Kang Seung Yoon is such a special artist, he is good looking, good at composing, sings well, has nice personalities and clean image, especially, there has not been anyone who complains or criticizes about him.
It can be said that it is not easy for a star to adopt and sponsor for kids. But some Korean artists was able to manage it and spread the positive mind to the public… They are so kind that they adopt and help children who are not even related to them with such a sincere heart, right?

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