Justin Bieber talks about BTS, Jungkook and Dean’s ‘Instagram’!

ARMYs became extremely excited when this worldwide famous star unexpectedly talked about BTS.

Recently, a video recording was released of some fans that bumped into Justin Bieber and his fiancee, Hailey Baldwin, on the street. Justin Bieber suddenly shared that he listened to “instagram” by Dean and these fans had the audacity to interrupt him and say, “You should listen to idol’’.

Justin Bieber  replied, “I want to listen to BTS though, I heard they’re so tight.” He also said he will check Jungkook’s cover “Nothing like us”. He asked the name and said: “Jungkook? That’s sick, are you really into K-Pop?” This made the fans become extremely excited.

This received a lot of positive comments from Kpop fans, as they believe Jungkook is the most successful fanboy in the “solar system”. They shared, “Jungkook will soon become a successful fanboy,  my Dean is getting recognized too” and “At least he got a good introduction to kpop with Dean. Since when was JB this respectful to his fans? I was expecting him to be spitting on someone

Before, the youngest member of BTS gave his fans a very sweet gift on his birthday: a cover of Justin Bieber’s famous song Purpose”.In addition, he did a cover of Nothing like Us by Justin Bieber and it has 18M views. If Jungkook hears this, he will be very happy.

BTS has just returned with album Love Yourself: Tear and the title track ‘Idol’, has been gaining much success on the global charts.

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