Painting nails and wearing croptop, Bobby (iKON) shares his opinion on masculinity and gender roles

Through the musical productions and interviews, Bobby (iKON) continues to impress the fans with many modern and a new perspective on men and women

Hip-hop rappers in the music industry usually have a certain image of being strong, manly and powerful, especially in the K-pop market. However, as the world’s view on a man being strong and a woman being feminine is slowly changing, more and more artists also expressed their own perspective. Bobby (iKON) is one of the male idols and rappers to have an open mindset regarding the matter of gender.


Bobby has openly shared his thoughts on so many occasions. Recently, during an interview, when being asked about the opinion of a “cool” man, he picked Jinhwan (iKON) with the explanation: “Jinhwan because he has so much cuteness. Men shouldn’t be cool just because they are men.

Painting nails and wearing croptop, Bobby (iKON) shares his opinion on masculinity and gender roles

His approach to the dating issue is also very impressive. On the show “Yu Huiyeol’s sketchbook“, when the host asked “What would you say when you approach a girl?“, he gave out a straight-forward answer that he would ask the girl out, and respect the girl’s decision. More specifically, Bobby emphasized: “No means no.”

He pressed further into the gender roles problem in his song “Lean on me” with an impressive and symbolic quote: “Just because Wonder Woman is strong that doesn’t mean it’s okay to hurt her“. Not only so, as Bobby himself is open-minded about trying new things, fans had the chance to see him with the pretty nail polish and cute crop top during the group homemade program, iKON TV.

boys in crop tops, it’s a yes from me pic.twitter.com/11CUQnyVdb— ubkp (@unbleachedkpop) November 28, 2017

Many fans showed their support to Bobby with positive comments like:
-“I love him. The progressive, intelligent king of sparkly nailpolish and eyebrow piercings”
-“Yep, the world needs more men like him. I´ve never watched ikon TV, but this scene is just great.”

In Korea, the backward view on women and men, along with the sexist and patriarchal attitude is still commonly spread. Idols don’t usually clearly express their opinions on the matter to avoid any backlashes. However, Bobby and many other idols have confidently raised their voices about many social issues such as masculinity and gender roles. With such opinions, fans can have a new perspective on Bobby and his open mindset.

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