Junho (2PM) on the negative stereotype about idol-turned actors: “I don’t care if it follows me to the end of my life”

The drama “The Red Sleeve” starring Junho and Lee Se Young was an unexpected success with the final episode reaching a 17.4% rating nationwide and achieving many great awards.

In a recent interview after the end of the drama, Junho did not hesitate to share his thoughts on his acting and singing. When being told that this role had completely shut down the negative stereotype about idol-turned actors, Junho said:

Junho 2PM idol-turned actors

“I don’t care if that prejudice follows me for the rest of my life. I think it’s inevitable to receive attention when one started from being an idol. Therefore, when people compliment me on my acting, sometimes I can’t help feeling unhappy thinking “Are they praising me for breaking the idol stereotype?”. But now I have come to realize the only way to solve the problem is to work well and work hard.”

Junho 2PM idol-turned actors

Junho also talked about the name “2PM” that always appears in his speech, “2PM is my root. When acting, I become “actor Lee Junho”, but no matter which role I play, I will continue to do my job well like I always do.”

Junho 2PM idol-turned actors

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