Jung Yong Hwa “‘We Got Married’ couple ring incident, I didn’t lose it” Explain after 13 years 

Jung Yong Hwa provided a belated explanation regarding the “We Got Married” couple ring incident.

On Sep 11th, a video featuring Jung Yong Hwa was posted on Kangnam’s YouTube channel “Kangnami”.

In the video, Jung Yong Hwa visited the house of couple KangnamLee Sanghwa, who are his close friends through their shared interest in golf. Kangnam, introduced to Lee Sanghwa through Jung Yong Hwa, expressed his initial nervousness upon meeting her for the first time. Lee Sanghwa jokingly responded “I’m nice. I’m a tender-hearted person“, to which Jung Yong Hwa praised the couple’s loyalty, calling them “the epitome of a loyal couple”.

Kangnam, a devoted fan of CNBLUE, mentioned attending one of their recent concerts and commented on the band’s strong friendship. He admired their camaraderie and found it impressive that they did not fight like he did with his friends.

Jung Yong-hwa

Kangnam complimented Lee Sanghwa and noted that she has a great sense of humor, while Lee Sanghwa explained that her humor comes out naturally in her speech. Kangnam playfully expressed jealousy, “People say you’re the funniest in the world.”

Jung Yong Hwa also mentioned his appearance on MBC’s “We Got Married” with Seohyun, recalling the incident where he lost his couple ring. He clarified that the ring was not lost but rather fell off due to corrosion from wearing it while showering. He emphasized the reality of the show and how they had to maintain their emotions throughout, even during unscripted moments like the ring incident.

Jung Yong-hwa

Regarding “We Got Married”, Jung Yong Hwa debunked the misconception that the show had a scripted format, explaining that they started with no instructions and relied on their own abilities to create their story.

He hinted at their busy schedules during the show and mentioned that he would save other stories for another time.

Source: Nate

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