TVING announces viewers’ “2022 PICK of the year” including 6 titles

South Korea’s OTT platform TVING announced 6 “PICK of the Year” contents selected by the users themselves.

The “PICK of the Year” event, which was organized as a part of the “2022 TVING Awards,” is where users can vote for the most interesting content in their opinions. About 950,000 votes were gathered on the TVING website and Instagram in just a week from Dec 15th.

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TVING released six contents that aced this year in the category of ▲ Best Cheers ▲ Best Kiss Scene ▲ Best Performance ▲ Best Player ▲ Best Healing Moment and ▲ Best Thrilling Fun.

“Best Cheers” was given to the original TVING “Love Transit 2” (EXchange 2). Many said that the dates filled with the cast’s honest feelings and their natural drinking parties have stimulated viewers’ empathy. In particular, Jung Hyun Kyu made headlines after asking Seung Hae Eun on a date and said “See you tomorrow” on his first day in Jeju Island.

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The glory of the “Best Kiss Scene” went to Yumi (Kim Go Eun) and Bobby (Park Jin Young) couple in the original TVING series “Yumi’s Cells Season 2.” Along with their first kiss, their tongue cells finally got to meet each other. The scene led viewers to the awkward greetings, the passionate tango, and the disappointing goodbye between the tounge cells, leaving an impact with a metaphor beyond imagination.

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“Best Performance” was given to Lim Young Woong‘s first national tour concert, “IM HERO – Seoul.” At the time of Im’s concert livestream on TVING in August, the stream recorded 96% of real-time viewing share, proving Lim Young Woong’s popularity.

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Lee Eun Ji, Mi Mi, Lee Young Ji, and An Yu Jin, who impress with their real chemistry on tvN’s “Pyong Pyong Earth Arcade,” were selected as the “Best Player” of this year. The performance of the Earth’s four warriors, who shocked the production team with their tireless energy, amused viewers.

Earth Arcade

JTBC’s “My Liberation Notes” topped the list of “Best Healing Moment.” This work, which depicts the journey of looking for liberation and peace of the tacky three siblings, touched many viewers’ hearts with numerous famous lines and created a “Worship” craze. The warm consolation from seeing those who have reached the end of their lives caring for each other drew positive responses from TVING users.

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tvN’s “Little Women” was named as the “Best Thrilling Fun.” This drama, which tells the story of three poor but loving sisters confronting power of the rich in their own ways, was evaluated as successfully maximizing the vitality of its plot twists and the dismal desire revealed by carefully-built characters.

TVING said, “We have delivered the trophies and gifts produced by TVING to the cast of titles selected as ‘PICK of the Year’ at the 2022 TVING Awards.”

Source: Star News

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