Jung Yong-hwa Revealed His 14-Year Girlfriend

CNBLUE member Jung Yong-hwa mentioned his “girlfriend” in his recent talk show appearance

On September 21st, a video titled “Do handsome men usually have this much in common?” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “uhmg_studio.”

In the video, CNBLUE’s Jung Yong-hwa appeared as a guest and had a fun talk with host Kim Jae-joong. Jung Yong-hwa recently made a comeback by releasing his second solo mini-album ‘YOUR CITY’ and visited ‘Jae’s friend’ to promote it.

Jung Yong-hwa

Kim Jae-joong and Jung Yong-hwa met and praised each other’s appearance, drawing laughter. When Jung Yong-hwa first looked at Kim Jae-joong and said, “You’re really not getting old,” Kim Jae-joong also admired Jung Yong-hwa’s appearance, saying, “Yonghwa, you’re the same.”

On the other hand, they found common ground with their extraordinary love for fans and silly jokes. Kim Jae-joong said, “I actually thought about marriage a lot. I’m passionately in love these days,” he said, mentioning his fans.

Then, Jung Yong-hwa immediately saw through Kim Jae-joong’s inner feelings and mentioned Kim Jae-joong’s love for fans, saying, “I saw this.” Kim Jae-joong has drawn attention with extraordinary silly jokes, expressing that his fan is his girlfriend.

Jung Yong-hwa

In response, Jung Yong-hwa said, “It’s been about 14 years since we met. Our love is still passionate. My heart,” he said, “I miss you every day and I’m going crazy,” drawing laughter with his silly words to fans.

Suddenly Jung Yong-hwa said, “I’m sorry. I have to go meet my girlfriend,” getting up from his seat and rushing to the camera immediately, giving it a big smile. The production crew also praised him, saying, “He was almost like Little Kim Jae-joong,” and Kim Jae-joong laughed.

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