This rising actress from “All Of Us Are Dead” and “Little Women” surprisingly stars in New Jeans’ new MV 

Park Ji Hoo unexpectedly joined the cast of New Jeans’ “Ditto” MV. 

On December 19th at 6:00 PM KST, New Jeans released the song “Ditto” from their first single album “OMG”. This is New Jeans’ first new song in about 4 months since the debut album “New Jeans”, which reached the top of music charts as soon as it was released in August. Fans’ attention has been focused on the new song of the trending girl group.

newjeans ditto

The MV for “Ditto” was also released at the same time. The two-part MV depicts a movie-like story. It begins with a mysterious girl capturing the school life of the five New Jeans members (Minji, Hani, Daniel, Haerin, and Hyein) in school uniforms. New Jeans boasts a unique retro atmosphere. Actor Choi Hyun Wook appears as the male lead. While giving excitement, there is also a mysterious feeling to the MV.

Newjeans ditto

Immediately after the release of the “Ditto” MV, what surprised many viewers was that actress Park Ji Hoo‘s name was included in the MV’s ending credits. Park Ji Hoo is named as an actor along with five members of New Jeans and Choi Hyun Wook.

Choi Hyun-wook
Park Ji-hoo choi hyun wook

Park Ji Hoo played Ban Hee Soo, a mysterious character who captures the five members with a camera in the MV. Her face is not shown properly, but her back and hand gestures still highlight her great presence.

Park Ji-hyun
Park Ji-hoo

Park Ji Hoo was born in 2003 and is currently 19 years old. She debuted in the 2016 movie “Vanishing Time”. In 2019, she became more well-known through the movie “House of Hummingbird”. She recently appeared in tvN’s drama “Little Women”.

Park Ji-hoo

Park Ji Hoo rose to the ranks of popular actors by playing Nam On Jo, the main character of Netflix’s viral series “All of Us Are Dead”, which was released in January. 

Source: Wikitree. 

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