Actor Kim Soo Hyun was removed from the final cast lineup of “Boys Over Flowers” due to an unexpected reason

Actor Kim Soo Hyun was removed from the cast of “Boys Over Flowers” after he made some slight changes to his lines.

On May 16th, a post with the title “Kim Soo Hyun was replaced while reading for ‘Boys Over Flowers’” started making waves on SNS. In the post, it stated that the famous actor Kim Soo Hyun lost a role in the high-school drama “Boys Over Flowers” at the last minute. He was removed from the cast of the series for making small changes to his assigned lines during a script reading.

Specifically, in a reading in 2008, the actors who got their respective roles on the series were asked to read their lines. When it’s Kim Soo Hyun’s turn, he acted out a scene according to his interpretation, which slightly differed from the original script. Nonetheless, the director was not having it and scolded him in front of the “Boys Over Flowers” cast for “doing it wrong”.

The photo showed Kim Soo Hyun looking stiff possibly out of embarrassment and confusion after being put on the spot. At the time, many actors at the reading session laughed while the director took a jab at him.

kim soo hyun
In a script reading, Kim Soo Hyun made some tweaks to his lines. As a result, the director came at him, leaving the actor in shock
kim soo hyun
The actors at the reading table laughed while the director showed an intense reaction

In the end, “The Producers” star was removed from the cast, and his role was taken up by Jung Eui Chul.

Kim Soo Hyun looked disappointed after being eliminated from the final lineup for “Boys Over Flowers”


Nonetheless, chances did not stop coming to Kim Soo Hyun. He got a major popularity boost with “Dream High”. Later, he was shot to stardom with “Moon Embracing the Sun” and “My Love from the Star”. Currently, he is among the highest-paid actors in the entertainment industry in Korea.

Source: K14 

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