Chaeyeon and the tearful journey in “Street Woman Fighter”: Being looked down on, used by Mnet as ratings bait and leaving with respect from other dancers

Chaeyeon’s journey in Street Woman Fighter has eventually come to an end. Previously, the former IZ*ONE member sparked many controversies among netizens over her dancing skills.

Two months ago, when Street Woman Fighter aired its first episode, former IZ*ONE member Chaeyeon caught the attention as the only female idol to participate in the show as a contestant, facing off against all experienced professional dancers. She is a member of the WANT crew, which consists of individual dancers, not a regular team like the other crews.

At the beginning, Chaeyeon received high expectations from the viewers because she was known as the “dancing machine” of the 4th generation. Fans thought this would be a great opportunity for Chaeyeon to show off her talent and live her passion. However, in the face of fierce reality, her dancing skills are still lacking compared to other contestants of the show. Chaeyeon was easily overwhelmed and burst into tears many times because she continuously lost in battles.

Chaeyeon was constantly being pointed out by other dancers as the one with the weakest skills. She was defeated in multiple dance battles. The female idol got so depressed that shed tears behind the scenes while hugging her teammates.

The female idol many times could not keep her emotions but burst into tears. Because of this, she also received a lot of criticism for being such a crybaby. Many fans defended her and blamed Mnet for intentionally evil-editing to degrade her.

In many rounds, the audience commented that Chaeyeon’s dancing skills were not very creative. In battles, her repetitive movements are boring. Gradually, the 21-year-old female idol became softer, more flexible, and more attractive in her expression.

In addition to competing on the show’s stage, Chaeyeon was entangled in many dramas. Taro of Holy Bang once mocked Chaeyeon on Instagram because she was used to highlight the difficult story of Chaeyeon – the most underrated idol contestant on the show.

When she choreographed her own choreography, Chaeyeon was not appreciated or even criticized. Gyurian (Way B): “I see she’s really an idol. That’s the way I used to dance since high school. She still has a lot to learn”, Isak (YGX) said, ” It’s too weak to call it choreography for a stage performance”…

When she choreographed her own choreography, Chaeyeon was not appreciated or even criticized

On the episode that aired on the evening of October 5, WANT team was eliminated, meaning that Chaeyeon officially said goodbye to the show. Although participating in the female idol’s professional dance show still leaves the question of whether it is the right thing to do, it is undeniable that Chaeyeon has worked hard and tried hard in her journey with ‘Street Woman Fighter’. Besides, the show has helped many viewers have a more objective and correct view of professional dancers and idols’ strengths.

Let’s take a look at Chaeyeon’s images in the show:

Chaeyeon with team WANT

Source: k14

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