Joy looked back on 2021, the year she confirmed relationship with Crush, “It was a special and greatful year for me”

Joy looked back on 2021.

Animal Farm Red Velvet Joy

On the Dec 26th broadcast of SBS’ “Animal Farm“, 4 MCs looked back on the year 2021 and shared their thoughts.

Joy expressed her gratitude, “2021 was a special year. It was a rewarding and grateful year for me, from being a singer to joining ‘Animal Farm’ as an MC.”

To this, Shin Dong-yup responded, “We’re grateful. ‘Animal Farm’ average age has decreased significantly. We’re grateful, too.”

Animal Farm Red Velvet Joy

Meanwhile, Joy has been in a public relationship with singer Crush since August. Crush is currently serving as a social service worker and is scheduled to be discharged on August 11, 2022.

Joy is starring in JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “The One and Only“. “The One and Only” tells the story of three women who have met in a hospice and decided to take down one bad person with the limited time they have left. Through unexpected events they become entangled in a murder case and are faced with meeting “one person” who is truly precious.

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