The actor who turned Korea’s Instagram follower ranking upside down, finally surpassed even IU

The ranking of Korea’s most-followed Instagram accounts has been changed. 

On Nov 24th, an actor who exceeded singer IU’s number of followers, which is 23.72 million followers, appeared. IU was ranked eighth in terms of number of Instagram followers in Korea, but is now pushed to ninth place.

Korea’s most-followed Instagram accounts

The actor who pushed singer IU to eighth place, is Jung Ho-yeon, who gained worldwide popularity with the Netflix series “Squid Game”. Jung Ho-yeon has reached 23.73 million Instagram followers on the same day. Before the release of “Squid Game,” Jung Ho-yeon had only had 400,000 followers.

Korea’s most-followed Instagram accounts

Jung Ho-yeon, as she emerged as a global trend through “Squid Game,” recently signed an exclusive contract with CAA (Creative Artists Agency), one of the largest agencies in the U.S.

Korea’s most-followed Instagram accounts

Meanwhile, Jennie topped the chart with about 57.4 million Instagram followers in Korea. She is followed by BTS in second place, BLACKPINK Jisoo in third place, BLACKPINK Rose in fourth place, BLACKPINK in fifth place, Lee Min-ho in sixth place, and Cha Eun-woo in seventh place. this ranking is based on Korean nationality only.

Korea’s most-followed Instagram accounts

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