Nam Goong-min “Weight loss + excessive perm for the first time in my life… Add settings myself” (One Dollar Lawyer)

Actor Nam Goong-min expressed his excitement ahead of the broadcast of "One Dollar Lawyer".

SBS’ new Friday-Saturday drama “One Dollar Lawyer”, which will premiere on Sep 23rd, depicts the story of a lawyer who has the best skills but only charges 1000 won as his attorney’s fee.

Nam Goong-min plays Chun Ji-hoon, a legal hero with strong cost-effectiveness that can be met with a one thousand won bill.

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Nam Goong-min is back with a SBS Friday-Saturday drama 2 years after “Hot Stove League”. Viewers’ expectations for Nam Goong-min are high. Nam Goong-min said, “SBS is a comfortable place like home for me. I’m very happy and excited to be able to work here again.”

He showed extraordinary determination, “I’ll do my best to repay you with a warm and pleasant story and good acting as much as you trust and welcome me this time.”

He revealed the reason for choosing the work, “I always feel a heavy responsibility to become an actor who can repay and satisfy viewers’ expectations. When I had a meeting with director Kim Jae-hyun, writers Choi Soo-jin and Choi Chang-hwan, I was moved by the sincerity they showed me. I chose ‘One Dollar Lawyer’ because I thought I could make a good work if I worked with good people.”

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He raised expectations by adding, “The character Chun Ji-hoon looks pleasant on the outside. His comical elements such as ‘attorney’s fee 1000 won’ and ‘fancy attire’ are noticeable at first glance, but there are definitely warm and sincere emotions and stories in it. I was attracted by the power of the story that contained both joy and touching emotion.”

Regarding the character Chun Ji-hoon, Nam Goong-min said, “Chun Ji-hoon is more of a nerd-like and unpredictable character than elegant, serious and sophisticated. However, he has a noble and dignified belief that everyone is equal in front of the law and realizes social justice. In other words, he is a spokesperson for numerous clients who have no choice but to visit a nerd-like lawyer with a fee of only 1000 won. It can be said that Chun Ji-hoon’s biggest charm is his eccentric hero-like aspect.”

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He went on to say, “I wanted to create a character that is different from the usual appearance of a lawyer. The appearance of lawyer Chun in the first script was literally a ‘one thousand won lawyer’ who could be inferred on a daily basis.”

Nam Goong-min continued, “In order to arouse viewers’ curiosity, I tried to create a character that makes them curious ‘What kind of story does this person have to charge 1000 won as his attorney’s fee?’ by discussing with the production team and adding the settings of checkered suit, perm hair and sunglasses. In line with that, I lost weight, got an excessive perm for the first time in my life and tried a lot of clothes I wouldn’t normally wear.”

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Meanwhile, Nam Goong-min has built a special relationship with Kim Ji-eun (as “Baek Ma-ri”) and Park Jin-woo (as “Sa Ma-jang”) following the previous work. Regarding this, Nam Goong-min said, “As I have experience working with these two actors, I know their passion for acting very well. Therefore, I’m very excited to be able to work with them again.”

He raised curiosity about the fantastic chemistry the three actors will show, “It isn’t an exaggeration to say that the chemistry between lawyer Chun, Baek Ma-ri and Sa Ma-jang is the lifeblood of the drama. Therefore, I’m very happy to work with them again.”

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Finally, Nam Goong-min confessed, “I strongly recommend episode 4 to viewers. In episode 4, the lawyer’s office family bumps into a mysterious case. They have to defend the client and solve the mysterious case at the same time. I think viewers will be able to feel the thrill as they deduce the case together along with the tension that makes their hands sweat.”

He added, “‘One Dollar Lawyer’ is a work that can be enjoyed comfortably and pleasantly regardless of gender and age, along with a nerd-like lawyer character that has never been seen before. Moreover, Chun Ji-hoon’s past appearance hidden in joy is gradually revealed. In that process, viewers will be able to enjoy the touching emotion by finding out why Chun Ji-hoon receives a fee of 1000 won and the hidden stories behind it. I want to show you both the fun and touching emotion in the drama ‘One Dollar Lawyer’.”

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“One Dollar Lawyer” will premiere at 10 PM on Sep 23rd.

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