Joo Kyul-kyung updated her status in China with a shocking photoshoot  

Joo Kyul-kyung, ex-member of PRISTIN and I.O.I, updates about her life in China.   

On February 5, Joo Kyul-kyung posted a photo with a butterfly emoticon on her personal SNS. 

In the released photo, Joo Kyul-kyung is taking a pictorial. While many are happy as it has been a long time since Joo Kyul-kyung last updated something, what drew attention from netizens is that it was a photo showing off her sexy charm with unconventional revealing fashion.

 Joo Kyul-kyung

In the released photo, Joo Kyul-kyung shows off her slender body line in a red bikini and a spangle slim skirt. 

The rather unconventional fashion choice, which revealed from her upper body line to her leg lines, are 180 degrees different from Joo Kyul-kyung’s image during her activities, shocking everyone. 

Joo Kyul-kyung made her debut as a member of the group I.O.I. by finishing sixth on Mnet’s “Produce 101,” which aired in 2016. 

 Joo Kyul-kyung

In March 2017, along with Lim Na-young, another former I.O.I member, she made her debut as a member of PRISTIN, but the team was disbanded in May 2019 following the expiration of her exclusive contract two years after her debut. 

Joo Kyul-kyung has continued her solo activities in China since the disbandment of PRISTIN.

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