Jo Byung-gyu returned after a year, but this happened… “History of Losers” production team: “Sorry for causing trouble”

The drama “History of Losers”, which was embroiled in controversy over nuisance filming, issued an apology.

Earlier on May 9th, a post was uploaded on an online community stating that the filming team of “History of Losers” parked in the fire truck-only zone in front of the gate of a netizen’s house and obstructed traffic.

According to Herald POP on May 11th, the production team of “History of Losers” said, “We met the person who suffered the damage in person, explained our position at that time, and apologized. We apologize again for not paying more attention during the filming process.” They added, “We will continue to make careful efforts during the filming process so that we do not cause any inconvenience to residents.”

Jo Byung-gu

Starring Jo Byung-gyu, Song Ha-yoon and Ryeo-un, “History of Losers” began filming early last month. Based on writer Kim Poong’s webtoon of the same name, “History of Losers” centers around a group of boys who grew up in the 1990s, and their inexperienced accounts of first love. Jo Byung-gyu takes on the role of Seo Min-ki, a thoughtful and hesitant first-year student majoring in Korean Literature.

Jo Byung-gu

In particular, “History of Losers” attracts great attention as it is Jo Byung-gyu‘s comeback work in about a year after controversy over school violence. In February last year, Jo Byung-gyu took a hiatus from broadcasting after allegations of school violence were raised by his alumni while studying in New Zealand. Jo Byung-gyu denied “It’s not true” and warned of strong legal liabilities. However, the dispute between the two sides has yet to be resolved.

Source: Wikitree

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