Jiyeon (T-ara) appeared in IU’s concert, smashing suspicion of broken friendship after scandals

Ji Yeon appeared to cheer for IU’s 10th-anniversaryconcert, smashing the rumors of their broken friendship after a long time.

On the evening of November 18th, IU‘s 10th-anniversaryconcert was held. This is the second concert night and also the last night inSeoul. Here, IU performed 43 of her most famous songs, lasting up to 5 hoursand 30 minutes, which is considered the longest concert of her career.

With the impressive investment and performances, IU‘sconcert “dlwlrma” not only attracted nearly 50,000 spectators andalso gathered many famous names of Korean entertainment. Here, the audience had the opportunity to meet an idol girl group from JYP – TWICE. 9 girls had fun inthe show with the song TT and the latest hit “Yes or Yes”. Besides,many people are surprised by the appearance of Ji Yeon – a member T-ARA. Thefans found Ji Yeon smiling brightly and holding the IU cheerleading banner.

Ji Yeon and IU have a famous friendship in Korean entertainment. But since T-ARA‘s bullying scandal broke out and the group wasterribly boycotted in their own country, many expressed doubts about their friendship. From the sight of the two girls not appearing together and also notas close as before, IU was taken as fake and abandoned friends in trouble inthe eyes of fans. But when Ji Yeon appeared to cheer for her best friend in theconcert, the rumor which has been around for so long was eliminated.

In the midst of a showbiz full of marketing, IU and Ji Yeon can overcome all of it and share the beautiful days as well as difficultdays. What a very admirable friendship!

Source: Yan

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