Idols who directly address dating rumors about themselves

Idols are directly addressing dating rumors about themselves, comforting fans in a way that was previously unseen

On Oct 2nd, BTS’s Jungkook openly responded to fans about his girlfriend rumors during a live broadcast.

Recently, a video was posted on a Chinese social media platform showing “A” and his girlfriend in an upscale villa, sharing affectionate moments. The poster claimed that “A” was Jungkook, and this post quickly spread across various online communities.


On that day, Jungkook clarified, “Because there are too many comments, I’ll just say it now, I don’t have a girlfriend. I don’t have a girlfriend, I’m not dating. I just want to focus on work, so I don’t see the need for dating.” He drew a line, “I don’t have a girlfriend, so please don’t talk about this anymore. ARMY (fandom name), you can be my girlfriend. I only have ARMYs, so don’t worry.” He added, “They’re doing it just for attention. I’ll handle haters with love.”

Following Jungkook, RM, another member of BTS, also confirmed his relationship status. During a Weverse live broadcast on the 10th, RM responded to a fan’s request to introduce his girlfriend by saying, “I don’t have a girlfriend.” Furthermore, he sensibly replied, “If I had a girlfriend, I would introduce her, but I don’t have one right now. Can you help me find a girlfriend?”

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Singer Jeon So-mi, during an SNS live broadcast on the 11th, reacted humorously to a fan’s relationship-related question by saying, “If I were in a relationship, I probably wouldn’t eat undercooked pasta alone.”


This isn’t the first time Jeon So-mi has mentioned her boyfriend. During an appearance on the TV show ‘Witch Hunt 2023’ in August, she responded to a question about whether her ex-boyfriend had reached out to her by saying, “100% he has contacted me,” and shared responses like “When in a relationship, he was clingy,” which garnered attention.

In addition, Jeon So-mi, during a YouTube channel ‘Hwang Tae and Yang Miri’ episode in August 2021, mentioned her preference for guys with strong facial features. She even disclosed her ex-boyfriend from middle school who was a soccer player, making her fans burst into laughter.

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