Top 6 highest-earning stars per advertised Instagram post, BLACKPINK Lisa earns 6 times more than Song Hye Kyo? 

These 6 Asian stars are hitting headlines as the richest Asian stars on Instagram. 

On August 16, Hopper HQ announced the ranking of the 100 highest-earning stars from advertised posts on Instagram. The list features celebrities from all over the world working in various fields. Six honorable Asian artists are mentioned. They are Song Hye Kyo, BLACKPINK Lisa, Lee Min Ho, Mai Davika, Priyanka Chopra, and Raditya Dika.

song hye kyo lisa blackpink

According to Hopper HQ, Song Hye Kyo gained 100,000 USD for each advertising post on Instagram, coming in at No. 93 on the list. Lisa is also listed, boasting an earning six times higher than that of Song Hye Kyo. The BLACKPINK main dancer came in at No. 26 with 575,000 USD in revenue for each advertising post. 

The remaining 4 Asian stars on the list – Priyanka Chopra, Lee Min Ho, Mai Davika, and Raditya Dika – also earned hefty sums of income from advertising activities on their personal Instagram accounts. 

Priyanka Chopra
Coming in at No. 28, Priyanka Chopra garnered 532,000 USD from each Instagram post. After winning the Miss World 2000 crown, the Indian actress boasted resounding success and became one of the highest-paid actresses in the Indian film industry 
Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho debuted at No. 55 with 200,000 USD from advertising activities on his Instagram
Raditya Dika
Raditya Dika, an Indonesian director and actor, came in at No. 73 with 132,000 USD per Instagram advertising post 
Mai Davika
Finally, Mai Davika reportedly earned 107,000 USD for each Instagram post, coming at No. 80

Source: Hopper HQ 

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