Jennie’s thought about BLACKPINK’s world tour: fans are happy because the lazy Jennie 1 year ago is no longer there

The BLACKPINK member’s recently shared thought has shown her grown-up attitude after 1 year.

For the past 8 months, BLACKPINK has been busy going on a world tour called “IN YOUR AREA” with 23 destinations all over the world, bringing to fans the most satisfying performances as well as lovely behind-the-scene moments.

After their 1st world tour, Jennie has shared her thought about the experience that she has gained in the past few months. Hearing those words from Jennie, fans are proud and believe even more in the girls’ future path.

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BLACKPINK has successfully wrapped up their first world tour.
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Jennie has shared her heartwarming thoughts about the tour with her fans.

As the cover girl for ELLE Oct 2019 issue, Jennie shared about the 8 months going tour together with the other BLACKPINK members and how “IN YOUR AREA” was a special experience to her: “I learned and experienced a lot. I realized that if I set aside my fear and take a step forward, what awaits me is a scene I hadn’t expected. From now on, I want to give off an even better impression on stage.”

After the controversy regarding her negative attitude on stages last year, Jennie’s words this time have brought BLINKs to tears of happiness seeing their idol becoming more professional, grown-up and responsible on stage. According to the plan, BLACKPINK will soon start their Japan Dome tour later this year. Let’s anticipate even more dynamic stages and music products from BLACKPINK!

Jennie – “SOLO” (BLACKPINK “In Your Area” concert in Wembley)
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Let’s wait for Jennie and BLACKPINK’s even better performances in the future!

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