Jennie and Im Wooil’s Buzzworthy Selfie Revealed, Exuding High School Vibes

The original selfie of the sensational Jennie-Wooil-ie (Im Wooil) attracts attention as it's been revealed

Recently, photos of BLACKPINK’s Jennie have been continuously released on various social media and online communities, capturing attention. The photos that have been shared depict Jennie wearing a school uniform and being photographed at a school.

Among them, a selfie of Jennie with comedian Im Wooil has also been revealed, drawing focus. The affectionate pose of ‘School Uniform Jennie’ and Im Wooil, smiling brightly, brings warmth.


Netizens reacted enthusiastically, commenting, “I thought they were both high school students,” and “Jennie looks perfect in a school uniform,” upon discovering the belatedly shared two-shot of them.

Im Wooil, who recently appeared on MBC’s ‘Radio Star,’ garnered attention by proudly sharing an anecdote about meeting Jennie and taking a selfie during a program shoot. It is speculated that this incident occurred during the filming of Jennie’s new TVN variety show ‘Apartment 404,’ which Im Wooil joined from the first episode.

On ‘Radio Star,’ Im Wooil expressed his excitement, saying, “I recently participated in a program shoot. I didn’t know the exact cast lineup, but it turned out to be Yu Jaeseok, Yang Sechan, and Jennie.” He continued, “I was surprised because Jennie is not just an ordinary celebrity. She seemed to be a very busy person. Jennie was also surprised and called me ‘Hyung (older brother).'”

Im Wooil further shared, “Senior Yu Jaeseok said, ‘Wooil-ah! Jennie is your fan.’ I wanted to take a picture with her so badly, but I hesitated to ask a world star. I was waiting. Then, during break time, Jennie came and suggested taking a selfie together. At that moment, I felt like I succeeded.”

Meanwhile, Jennie, who has embarked on a solo career, recently announced the establishment of her personal label, “ODD ATLiER.” While continuing group activities with other BLACKPINK members under YG Entertainment, she plans to pursue independent activities through her personal label.

‘Apartment 404’ has garnered even more attention as it marks Jennie’s first regular appearance in a variety show since her solo debut and her first fixed appearance in five years.

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