Jang Nara proves herself to be a trustworthy actress with “My Happy Ending”

Jang Nara's performance in TV CHOSUN's weekend mini-series "My Happy Ending" left a heartwarming impact on viewers as she navigated through all adversities to embrace a happy ending with her beloved family

Portraying the character Seo Jaewon, the self-made CEO of a home furniture brand named Derêve, Jang Nara showcased her versatile acting skills by portraying a patient suffering from bipolar disorder and orchestrating intricate plans to seek revenge against those responsible for her husband’s murder.

In the final episode aired on Sunday, Feb 25th, Jaewon confronts her childhood traumas, apologizes to her deceased mother’s spirit, and bravely faces her inner struggles. Jaewon displays resilience and determination as she confronts various challenges, including the kidnapping of her daughter. A year later, Jaewon meets with her psychiatrist, Dr. Jo Soo-kyung, to reflect on her journey and finds closure by accepting herself and embracing her new life. The series concludes with a heartwarming scene of Jaewon enjoying a peaceful moment with her family by the seaside.


Jang Nara’s portrayal of Jaewon’s emotional journey, from battling severe bipolar disorder to seeking revenge and eventually finding inner peace, resonated deeply with viewers. Her realistic depiction of mental health struggles and complex emotions earned her praise for her compelling performance and character depth.

Furthermore, Jang Nara’s diverse styling as Jaewon, dubbed the “Seo Jaewon Look”, garnered attention for its portrayal of a successful and confident CEO, reflecting a luxurious and elegant aura. Reflecting on her experience, Jang Nara expressed gratitude to viewers for their support and hoped to return with another impactful project in the future. Overall, “My Happy Ending” showcased Jang Nara’s growth as an actress and left a lasting impression on viewers with its heartfelt story and memorable characters.

Source: Daum

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