Chaeyeon’s struggled career: Missed the chance to debut with TWICE, IZ*ONE disbanded and kept losing in a professional dance competition

Chaeyeon – the name that is attracting attention these days at Street Woman Fighter – has gone through many different competitions to find a debut opportunity.

Along with the increasing heat of Street Woman Fighter (a showdown between Korea’s top female dance groups), Chaeyeon is a name that is very popular. She is a rare female idol appearing on the show, facing many controversies and certain pressures when competing with professional dancers.

Chaeyeon at the show Street Woman Fighter

Seeing Chaeyeon’s tears continuously fall during the broadcast episodes and fans couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. However, the main dancer of IZ*ONE had to go through a lot of ups and downs before, participating in many survival shows to get to this day.

Participated in many competitions before entering JYP

Lee Chaeyeon was born on January 11, 2000. Having expressed her passion for singing and dancing since childhood, Chaeyeon has constantly practiced with the dream of becoming an idol singer. She and her younger sister Lee Chaeryeong were looking for opportunities to debut by entering entertainment companies.

At the age of 10, the two sisters auditioned together for Fantagio Music but were not selected. In 2014, the duo Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong continued to try at the ‘Kpop Star’ season 3 competition but were also eliminated from the first rounds.

Chaeyeon’s “Swagger Jagger” stage in Kpop Star 3
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Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong didn’t go too far at Kpop Star 3

Despite being eliminated from the show Kpop Star, another opportunity has opened up for both sisters. The president of JYP saw the development potential of Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong, accepting both of them as trainees of this leading Kpop company.

Seemingly predestined with survival shows, Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong continued to have to go through another show ‘Sixteen’ – where the TWICE girl group lineup was selected in 2015. At this point, Chaeyeon has grown a lot in terms of both looks and skills, especially noted for the top dance moves Sixteen.

But unfortunately, luck continued to not smile on Chaeyeon, she missed her debut with TWICE when she was eliminated from the 2nd round.

In 2016, if younger sister Chaeryeong continued to stay at JYP, practicing with the future of debuting with ITZY, Chaeyeon decided to leave the company and move to WM Entertainment. This is considered a reckless decision of Chaeyeon when ending her relationship with JYP to join a small company called WM.

Succeed at Produce 48, officially debuted

After 2 years of training at the new company, Chaeyeon continued to try her hand at another survival show, ‘Produce 48’ (the 3rd season of the hit ‘Produce 101’ series). With her hone skills and experience of “fighting” many survival shows, Chaeyeon immediately made a strong impression on the judges and other contestants right from the first round of evaluation.


In the first round of placement, Chaeyeon was called into class A very well deservedly, is considered a serious competitor in Produce 48. Thanks to her outstanding talent, Chaeyeon has continuously risen to high rankings in the competition. voting rounds. In episode 11 (the episode before the finale), Chaeyeon even ranked 3rd, a very safe position to debut.

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Chaeyeon continuously achieved high rankings before the finale of Produce 48

However, Chaeyeon continued to have to go through a suffocating “voting war” in the final. The group IZ*ONE consists of 12 members, 11 members are named without Chaeyeon. She was in the top 4 contestants competing for the final debut spot. 4 names competing for this position are trainees who should have been named early: Chaeyeon, Miyazaki Miho, Lee Kaeun (After School), Han Chowon (CUBE). Fortunately, Chaeyeon was named, the 12th member of IZ*ONE.

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The moment the announcement of the 12th member was so overwhelming, Chaeyeon’s tears fell when her name was called

Finally, after many months of rolling around on idol selection shows, Chaeyeon has become a piece of IZ*ONE. Chaeyeon takes on the role of the main dancer, in addition to singing and rapping.

Through her time working with IZ*ONE, Chaeyeon continues to prove her dancing strength, being considered as one of the most talented main dancers in Kpop of the new generation. Continuous comeback with hit hits like ‘Violeta’, ‘Fiesta’, ‘Secret Story Of The Swan’… The reputation of IZ*ONE and Chaeyeon in the Kpop market continues to be strengthened.

However, the lifespan of a musical group is often extremely short. Despite being the most prominent 4th generation group, by the beginning of 2021, IZ*ONE had to sadly disband. No longer active as an IZ*ONE member, the members returned to individual and group projects from the original management company.

Chaeyeon in Street Woman Fighter: A full of tear journey.

Instead of debuting as a soloist or joining a new group, Chaeyeon continued to choose to participate in a Mnet survival show. Although known as an idol with top dance skills, when Chaeyeon joined Street Woman Fighter and competed with professional dancers, she became completely ‘underdog’. She constantly lost to other strong opponents and appeared a lot on the show with crying scenes.

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Despite receiving negative opinions and prejudices, Chaeyeon still kept her strong spirit, did not give up and showed her signature dance moves in Street Woman Fighter.

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Hopefully, Chaeyeon will get a lot of important experience as a result of her participation in “Street Woman Fighter” and will be able to further her idol career. Chaeyeon, who has participated in a variety of auditions and survival competitions for more than a decade, is just 21 years old. This skilled and experienced young female idol has a bright future ahead of her.

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