Information of “The Glory” Lim Ji Yeon’s dating was rumored to be sold to Dispatch by her own company 

Lim Ji Yeon dating Lee Do Hyun sparks allegations of pressure from management company to renew contract.

In recent days, there has been a lot of buzz in the Korean entertainment industry about the dating report of Lim Ji Yeon and Lee Do Hyun. However, the dating story has taken a controversial turn as it is now being suggested that Lim Ji Yeon’s management company, Artist Company, may have used the rumor to pressure her into renewing her contract with the company.


On April 3, Allkpop reported that there were rumors circulating that Artist Company had threatened Lim Ji Yeon by using her dating Lee Do Hyun as leverage to force her to stay with the company. The speculation started when the sequence of events leading up to Lim Ji Yeon’s decision to stay with Artist Company was pieced together, from the news of her contract ending to her decision to renew her contract.

Lee Do-hyun Lim Ji-yeon

It all started when the media reported on March 28 that Lim Ji Yeon’s contract with Artist Company was coming to an end. A few days later, news of her dating Lee Do Hyun surfaced in the media. On the same day, Artist Company confirmed that the actress had decided to renew her contract with the company.

Connecting the dots, many people started to suspect that Artist Company had sold Lim Ji Yeon’s dating information to Dispatch to pressure her into renewing her contract. It is believed that the management company had access to the actress’s private life, and they used her dating to send her a message that she should stay with the company. Lim Ji Yeon is currently a highly sought-after actress, with many producers and brands vying for her attention.

lim ji yeon

However, there are also many netizens who have countered these allegations. According to them, the three events that occurred recently with Lim Ji Yeon were just coincidental and not part of a grand scheme by Artist Company to pressure her. 

They also suggested that the “The Glory” star was satisfied with the treatment she was receiving from the management company and hence decided to renew her contract. It should be noted that Lim Ji Yeon has achieved a lot of success under Artist Company’s guidance.

Source: k14

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