Hyeri, Yura, and Minah Threw Surprise Bridal Shower for Sojin, Ended in Tears

Girls’ Day Sojin shed tears at the surprise bridal shower prepared by fellow members Hyeri, Yura, and Minah

On December 1, a video titled “Sojin’s Bridal Shower with. Girl’s Day” was published on the YouTube channel of Hyeri

The video showcased preparations for the upcoming wedding of Girls’ Day’s Sojin, including the surprise bridal shower organized by fellow members Hyeri, Yura, and Minah. The trio secured a venue with a Han River view and adorned the space beautifully with balloons and lights for the surprise party.

During the preparations, Hyeri mentioned that Sojin was probably feeling hurt, since Minah canceled on the day of, while Hyeri told the bride-to-be that she didn’t want to go.

As it turns out, the three had planned the surprise bridal shower to give Sojin a special gift, but Minah unintentionally revealed the reason for the gathering to Sojin in advance, causing a slight hiccup in the surprise plan. To rectify this, the three reorganized the plan for a perfect surprise, citing scheduling reasons. 

Regarding why she revealed the previous plan to Sojin, Minah explained, “I never thought it would be a surprise”, adding, “I just thought we were congratulating her.”

Meanwhile, for the actual surprise, Hyeri completed the surprise preparations by placing a floral cake on the table. 

In addition, Minah left a video message, expressing, “Sojin Unnie, you’ve worked so hard taking care of us, and now we want you to be happy, to be the one who is cared for. I really love you and appreciate all your hard work. But keep working hard for us in the future too! We’ll always be by your side”

Finding the message touching, Hyeri shed tears before revealing her own thoughts, stating, “I wholeheartedly congratulate you. Love you. If I say more, I’ll cry.”

Finally, Yura congratulated Sojin on her marriage, saying, “Even though I’m now second in your world, I hope you’re the happiest in the world. And even after you get married,  you have to keep meeting us, okay?”

Shortly after, Sojin arrived and was surprised by the surprise party, exclaiming, “What’s this?” After seeing Minah, Hyeri, and Yura, she belatedly understood and shed tears of emotion. 

Then, Minah and Yura covered Sojin with a veil, and at that moment, seeing Sojin’s glamorous attire, Minah joked, “Wow, Unnie, you dressed up really fancy. Dressed as a hot girl!”, causing Sojin to smile happily.

At the end of the video, Hyeri shared her thoughts with captions that said, “As a younger sister who just wants Unnie’s happiness, I thought, with this person, Unnie won’t be lonely, she can rely on him.The place of Unnie’s closest friend I’m now ready to yield it to my brother-in-law. I’m so grateful that Unnie was part of my teens and twenties, but whenever you miss our times together, just tell us and we’ll rush over. My sunshine, Sojin Unnie!”

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

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