HyunA had fun in a bikini amid her “lip filler” controversy

HyunA showed that she had had a fun time swimming with her colleagues.

HyunA has uploaded several photos at the pool on her Instagram account on July 5th night, which she took in her bikini, drawing attention. In the picture, HyunA seemed to be having a good time with her colleagues in a bikini that shows off her sensual figure in a hotel pool amid the building forests.

HyunA, who was seen with heavy red color lipstick accentuated her lips on the way out of the country on the same day, was making a bright and playful expression as if she doesn’t mind what the netizens are saying as they spread the rumor about her “lip filler controversy” and “plastic surgery controversy“.

HyunA had fun in a bikini amid her "lip filler" controversy

HyunA left for Taiwan earlier in the day via the 2nd terminal of Incheon International Airport for her overseas schedule. She was spotted wearing a mint-colored knit dress and makeup which accentuated her lips using red lipstick, drawing attention.

However, responding to the people who said that she had cosmetic surgery on her lips, HyunA said on her Instagram, “I didn’t put any make-up on my eyes that day and has done an over-lip makeup by drawing to make my lips look fuller. I like both heavy make-up and light make-up and I love trying different things each time“. “I also like having a lot of chances to change myself throughout the schedule from day to day,” HyunA said. “However, I hate those who write malicious comments as if it is a natural thing to do.”

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