Hwang Jung Eum criticized for visiting a zoo that abuses animals

Actress Hwang Jung Eum faces a backlash due to her proof shots at the zoo.

On July 26th, Hwang Jung Eum revealed her visit to a zoo overseas through photos on SNS with the caption, “Nice to meet you. I’m wearing glasses to see you”, adding “The sole of his foot is so cute”.

The released pictures show Hwang Jung Eum looking up at a tiger lying inside a metal cage. The tiger was looking at the snacks given by people through the metal wire fences.

Hwang Jung-eum

The actress also uploaded a video of a zookeeper feeding meat to a lion she filmed. However, the lion in the video looked weak and skinny to the point that his bones can be seen. In particular, the lion struggled to eat the meat given by the zookeeper.

Netizens poured out criticism towards Hwang Jung Eum for visiting the zoo whose environment is poor. One netizen criticized, “That’s not a zoo. It’s the level of animal cruelty.” Other netizens showed reactions such as “Pathetic tiger. The zoo should be eliminated”, “You should take this down”…

Hwang Jung-eum

Meanwhile, Hwang Jung Eum married former professional golfer Lee Young Don in 2016. They have 2 sons.

Hwang Jung Eum will appear in SBS’ new drama “7 Escape”, which will premiere in September. “7 Escape” depicts the story of seven people involved in the case of a missing girl, who face huge events intertwined with many lies and desires.

Source: Nate

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