Human Rights Protection Group Disagrees with Police’s Decision to Drop Charges Against Hwasa for Obscenity during Performance

The Student Parents and Human Rights Protection group has requested a police investigation review against Hwasa

The student parents and human rights protection group, who filed a complaint against MAMAMOO’s Hwasa for the charge of “obscenity during a performance,” announced on October 4th that they would not accept the decision to drop the charges.

A representative of the student parents and human rights group told TenAsia on the same day, “There is no change in the fact that her actions fall under the obscene acts defined in Article 245 of the Criminal Code. We disagree with the decision, and we want a re-investigation and judgment from higher authorities, as it does not align with the Supreme Court’s ruling.”

The representative also said, “This case is an important (legal) judgment on whether similar acts can be depicted in public places such as entertainment TV programs or university festivals. The performances that evoke sexual acts or emphasize deviant behavior clearly fall under the charge of obscenity.”

They also pointed out, “The public was shocked and felt humiliated by Hwasa’s actions. She cannot claim to be a victim. What is needed here is not claiming to be a victim but self-reflection and restraint.”

Earlier, the Seongdong Police Station announced that they had decided not to prosecute Hwasa for the charge of obscenity during a performance. The police explained, “We summoned Hwasa as the accused party and investigated the performance content and the process comprehensively, but it is difficult to acknowledge the criminal charge based on the statements of those involved.”

Hwasa performed at Sungkyunkwan University’s festival on May 12th. At the time, her performance, which included actions like putting her finger in her mouth and wiping her private part, sparked controversy.

Recently, she once again faced controversy for appearing on the variety show ‘Knowing Bros’ wearing a school uniform in a ‘bra top’ style and performing a sexy dance. There were claims that she sexualized school uniforms. 

Some industry insiders have also evaluated that Hwasa is benchmarking “Cardi B,” a leading figure in sexually suggestive performances in the US.

Source: daum

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