Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se Hyung give reviews on the daily menu of prisoners at the Southern Seoul detention center

The meal that prisoners at the Southern Seoul detention center have every day has been unveiled on “Authorized Personnel Only”.

The recent broadcast of SBS’s program “Authorized Personnel Only” showed Kim Jong Kook, Yang Se Hyung, and Lee Yi Kyung experiencing life in the Southern Seoul detention center.


On the broadcast, Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se Hyung, who pretended to be new prisoners, went through the admission process when entering the detention center for the first time.

After completing all kinds of examinations and tests, the two were fascinated by the unfamiliar view they saw for the first time while entering the prison room, which can accommodate four people at a time.

Shortly after then, the two met Lee Yi Kyung, who acted as a prison guard, outside the bars.


Lee Yi Kyung was in charge of distributing lunch to the two. However, it was revealed that actual prison guards do not directly distribute food to the prisoners.

The lunch menu they received included rice, seaweed soup, kimchi, braised spicy chicken, and hotcakes.


While trying the meal, Yang Se Hyung commented, “In my opinion, the food taste just ordinary”, adding “They neither made it more delicious nor intentionally reduced the taste. Everything is just average”. 

Kim Jong Kook also expressed his general impression, saying “The seasoning is very average”.

In the meantime, the nutritionist at the detention center explained that prisoners’ meals are operated by taxes so it would be a problem if they provide the prisoners with meals that are either too good or too bad.

Source: Insight

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