Hong Kong model Abby Choi’s murder: Ex-husband arrested, former father-in-law identified as the head of the murder plan

Abby Choi’s ex-husband was recently arrested by the police while trying to get away on a train. 

The murder of Hong Kong model Abby Choi (28 years old), who was dismembered and hidden in a refrigerator, is currently the hottest issue. According to Dimsum Daily, her ex-husband Alex Kwong, one of the suspects, has been arrested while trying to escape on a train.

Cai Tian Feng

4 members of Abby Choi’s ex-husband’s family have all been arrested. Apart from Alex Kwong, his parents, and older brother are also under investigation. During the questioning, Alex Kwong’s father, a 65-year-old former police officer, was identified as the head of this murder. Taking advantage of his skills, he carefully designed the plan for this murder.

Cai Tian Feng

Police found Abby Choi in a house rented by Alex Kwong’s parents. When the police entered the house, there was nothing except for a coach and a table. The walls and windows were all covered. In particular, Abby Choi’s body was cut into several parts and then stored in the refrigerator. A knife, electric saw, raincoat, face cover, gloves, and Abby Choi’s purple bag were also found in the house. At the moment, the head, body, and arms of the victim are still missing. Through SCMP newspaper, the head police of the Kowloon area described this case as a “carefully planned murder”. 

Cai Tian Feng

The ex-husband’s family of Abby Choi had planned to kill the female model for a long time. In early February, the father-in-law of the female model rented a house in a remote village but did not live there. On February 21, taking advantage of the fact that she needed to pick up her child, the ex-husband of Abby Choi, who was also her private driver, knocked out the female model and took her to the crime scene.

Cai Tian Feng
The crime scene is being tightly sealed by the police – Photo: HK01
Cai Tian Feng
Extracting the CCTV footage near the crime scene also captured the scene of a man carrying a large foam box outside. Photo: HK01

The police also said that Alex Kwong’s family continuously provided false information to evade the crime. The ex-husband of Abby Choi even lied that the model got off the car in the middle of the road to mislead the police investigation.

Despite her remarriage, Abby Choi still financially supported her ex-husband’s family, while Alex Kwong remained unemployed. The model even hired her ex-husband’s brother as her personal driver. She also bought a flat for her ex-husband’s family to live in. However, recently, due to Abby Choi’s desire to sell the flat, a conflict arose between the two sides.

Cai Tian Feng
When she was alive, Abby Choi had a luxurious life

She is currently the wife of Chris, the son of Tam Chuk-Kwan, the founder of the TamJai Yunnan Mixian restaurant chain with 156 branches in China, Japan, Australia, and Singapore.

Source: K14.

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