History repeats itself: G-Friend fell on stage 4 times due to wet stage.

Despite of the incident, the girls still smiled and completed their performance.

On September 20th, at the event of Ulsan University, G-Friend attracted the public attention when they fell four times in the same performance of “Me Gustas Tu”. It was said that the stage was so slippery that the three members Eunha, SinB, and Yuju had tripped many times.

At the beginning of “Me Gustas Tu”, Eunha had a heavy fall that made fans and even the members startled. Even though Eunha started dancing more moderately, she still slipped and had to cling onto another member to keep her balance after that. In the middle of the song, the two girls Yuju and SinB fell at the same time but quickly stood up, keeping their smile throughout the performance.


It is said that three years ago, during an outdoor concert, G-Friend also repeatedly fell 8 times due to wet stage when performing “Me Gustas Tu”. This incident helped to boost the popularity of the group, and attracted public attention because of the girls’ professionalism in handling such situations even when they were just rookie groups at that time.

Sources: kenh14

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