Has yet to debut, the female JYP trainee is already called the visual queen of Gen Z Kpop idols

Korean netizens can’t stop praising the outstanding visuals of JYP’s upcoming female idol. Some even believe that she has the potential to become the visual queen among Gen Z Kpop idols.

Recently, JYP Entertainment has constantly made Kpop fans excited by teasing a series of information about the upcoming girl group. In turn, the revealed members have attracted netizens’ attention because they are all pretty and have excellent performance skills. Among them, Kyujin is the member who receives the most attention and even becomes a trending topic thanks to her eye-catching and refreshing visuals that match well with the taste of Koreans.

Although she has yet to debut, with only 3 behind-the-scenes photos that were released, Kyujin has been praised by netizens for her pretty, adorable face, fair skin and round, sparkling eyes like a living doll. This 2006-born trainee’s side profile is also top-notch with a high nose bridge. Many netizens commented that the rookie female idol looks similar to some of her famous seniors such as Hyojung (Oh My Girl) and SanaMomo (TWICE). With her attractive appearance, Kyujin is already called the next Visual Queen of Gen Z Kpop idols by many netizens.

The JYP trainee’s stage presence is also impressive
The appearance of JYP’s Gen Z trainee is also said to look like Hyojung (Oh My Girl)…
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