Hani Mourns For The Death Of EXID’s Father, Producer Shinsadong Tiger, “Thank you for protecting us”

EXID’s Hani mourned the late Shinsadong Tiger, who produced the group.

EXID’s Hani posted on social media on March 3rd, “Do you know what? You were a very nice person. And I was always grateful for that. But I couldn’t say to you many times, so I regret it.

“We could laugh a lot in the fence that you made with your consideration, hard work and sacrifice. You were the best guardian. Thank you for protecting us as we are.”

She added, “As you said, I ended up being happy. And I will continue to do my best. I know that you will wish for it the most. I miss you. I love you. Thank you.”

Shinsadong Tiger was recently found dead at home by an acquaintance on February 23. He was one of KPOP’s legendary producers and also the person who produced EXID.

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