NMIXX got into plagiarism controversy right after the release of their debut MV

Fans are asking JYP Entertainment to explain the situation.

On February 22nd, JYP Entertainment released the first MV for rookie NMIXX. Besides the compliments, the girl group received a lot of mixed opinions. Particularly, there are quite a few netizens who think that NMIXX copied the concept of ATEEZ, and at the same time combined many different styles of the JYP girl groups. 

NMIXX is receiving much attention from the public.
NMIXX is receiving much attention from the public.

On social networking forums, ATEEZ fans are asking JYP to speak up about the above incident. Specifically, fans believe that NMIXX‘s OO MV has reused the ideas and the universe in ATEEZ‘s music products. Netizens then bring up many overlapping images of space and style in the two MVs.

Currently, the hashtag on this issue is trending at no.1 and no.2 positions on Korean Twitter. On the other hand, ATEEZ fans also stated that they only focused on criticizing JYP and did not want to attack NMIXX.

ATEEZ's MVs and NMIXX's OO MV use the identical context.
ATEEZ’s MVs and NMIXX’s OO MV use the identical context. 

Shortly afterwards, netizens searched a series of ATEEZ‘s MVs and they realized a lot of details that used by the boy group appeared in NMIXX‘s MV. Some of Knet’s comments on Theqoo and Pann forums are as follows:

– Is it the same product from the same producer?

– If this is not the case, then what is your definition of plagiarism?

– JYP watched it and robbed it?

– It makes more sense to say Pirates of the Caribbean or One Piece!

– If they are plagiarizing, then the images of tanks and ships of other groups are all plagiarizing BLACKPINK and aespa?

Besides, after OO was released, many JYP fans also noticed small details that are similar to other girl groups’ in the MV. For example, there is an opinion that the sounds and singing style of NMIXX are similar to Dalla Dalla (ITZY). Netizens also think that the company is trying to produce a second ITZY.

This rookie's style reminds people of ITZY. 
This rookie’s style reminds people of ITZY. 

NMIXX is thought to follow the girl crush style, but in the MV, there was a scene where the members wore gorgeous and girly outfits, which reminded viewers of TWICE. Besides, there are also opinions that this new girlgroup is the female version of Stray Kids. Therefore, many fans have questioned whether JYP is mixing the concepts of other groups in the company to form NMIXX.

NMIXX’s colorful outfits in the MV
NMIXX’s colorful outfits in the MV 

Before releasing the MV “O.O”, JYP confidently promoted NMIXX as an All-Ace group (7 vocals, 7 dance, 7 visual). Regarding the group’s visuals, netizens have left plenty of praise for the members’ eye-catching appearance, especially Sullyoon

Sullyoon's impressive beauty in the MV.
Sullyoon’s impressive beauty in the MV. 

Moreover, NMIXX’s dancing skills also receive positive comments because their performance is as outstanding as TWICE and ITZY. In the MV, the group continues to show off difficult dance moves with perfect synchronization. However, the song came under controversy for being too noisy, wasting the members’ vocals.

O.O is a mixture of many different sounds and genres, making it difficult for listeners to find the song catchy. Many netizens are saying that JYP’s choice of the debut title track did NMIXX dirty, because they could have hit big from their debut like TWICE and ITZY if they released a more public friendly song. 

NMIXX’s dance skills are highly appreciated.
NMIXX’s dance skills are highly appreciated. 

Aside from the MV’s concept, NMIXX‘s outfits are also accused of plagiarism. Twitter account friskmegooddd, who is famous for her corset designs adapted from Nike shoes, recently spoke out about NMIXX members wearing outfits using her ideas. 

“I have been doing this for 3 years and they got 13,000 likes off my design and I can barely get that,” the designer expressed her anger.

After being called out on plagiarism, NMIXX’s stylist edited his Instagram post. The caption was changed to: “Friskmegood inspired me”. However, netizens are still not satisfied with this unprofessionalism and asked JYP to give an official response.

NMIXX‘s debut MV has attracted much attention within a short time.  Although JYP shows they invested a lot in NMIXX’s debut, the reactions have been mixed. This makes netizens wonder whether NMIXX can achieve success like TWICE and ITZY?

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