Jessi Impresses with Psy Knowledge on ‘Amazing Saturday’

In the latest episode of ‘Amazing Saturday,’ Jessi showed off her knowledge of Psy

Jessi and Chuu appeared as guests on tvN’s program ‘Amazing Saturday’ broadcast on October 21. The question for the day was to guess songs from the members of groups that Jessi belongs to. Jessi mentioned Refund Sisters and Unnies. When Boom asked about the members of Refund Sisters, she mentioned the names of Um Jung Hwa, Lee Hyori, and Hwasa.

The first question was about Hwasa’s new song, ‘I Love My Body.’ The ‘Amazing Saturday’ members confidently guessed the song, and Chuu also said, “This is my driving song,” and enjoyed it. As the song played, Jessi immersed herself in showing Hwasa’s choreography.

The key lyrics of the question was ‘Don’t be talking smack, hating on me like, I’m worth so much more than that.’ Jessi commented on the ‘talking smack’ part (‘jilkungjilkung’ in the original Korean lyrics) saying, “This is a song that’s totally Psy-style. 100%, Psy oppa must have been involved. I know because Psy oppa used to be in the same agency as me. Psy oppa likes this kind of pronunciation.”

However, Jessi later speculated, “Psy oppa must have been involved, so he probably wrote one or two English letters.” But Boom said, “There’s no English,” and Jessi said, “Why are you like that? I worked hard,” making everyone laugh.

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