BTS Jungkook visited his fans the day before his birthday and presented him with a lovely selfie

Jungkook immediately reached No.1 Twitter's trending following his cute selfie

At around 10:43 am today, Jungkook (BTS) visited the fan community platform Weverse and wrote, “How are you, ARMYs?! It’s my birthday soon..! If you have any words you want to say to me, please leave them! (like song lyrics)” and posted a selfie along with.

In the selfie, BTS’s maknae was wearing a colorful hoodie and fluttering cute finger hearts while looking at the front, making the fans go crazy.

Jungkook showed off his sculptural features and a more dazzling beauty than the sunlight, boasting a fresh and lovely handsome visual.

bts jungkook

About 10 minutes after the golden maknae visited Weverse, ‘JUNGKOOK’ ranked first in the real-time trend of social networking service (SNS) Twitter in the world, and within 30 minutes, an explosive response exceeding 1 million tweets appeared.

Also around 11 a.m., “Song lyrics,” “Our Jungkook,” “Jungkookk” and “Jungkookie’s Birthday” are trending around the world, with Korea’s real-time trends ranking 1, 3, 18, 27th, and “JUNGKOOK” ranking first in the U.S., Britain, Singapore, Canada, and Twipple Japan.

Meanwhile, Jungkook showed his affection to fans by posting on Weverse at 11:16 a.m., “I keep reading the comments, it’s healing…♡”.

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